3 Healing Plants to Grow in Your Garden

Mother nature is a fantastic source of healing plants and herbs. When modern medicine doesn’t work 100%, sometimes a little natural help covers the gap. It’s essential to know which plants are useful and safe, and which to avoid. If you’re wondering what 3 healing plants you can grow in your garden, take a look at our top choices to get you started.


It has to be at the top of the list as the sheer amount of medicinal benefits that this plant species has is impressive. To be clear, Cannabis is the family name or genus. It comprises of marijuana and hemp plants, as well as a few others. 

This miracle shrub helps treat ADD and ADHD, PTSD symptoms, Inflammatory bowel disease and relieves chronic pain. It’s also excellent for alleviating stress and depression. Some information suggests it’s even beneficial in fighting the symptoms of cancer. 

Growing Cannabis is inexpensive, and there are different seed types available to help you with the process. Make sure to read the extra information for each variant to see the THC and CBD levels so that you can choose the best plant for you. Before you sow any of this greenery, check whether growing Cannabis is legal in your area.


Many people will, at this stage, want to bare their claws and hiss. However, you should know that Catnip is a miracle healer. It had a bit of a bad rap as something that you would give to cats for fun. Nepeta cataria, as it’s known in botanical circles, is a wonder plant for treating psychological problems. Of the 3 healing plants you can grow in your garden, this one is the most misunderstood.

It can be eaten or brewed as a tea to help people cope with anxiety, insomnia, and addiction. It’s even suitable for sick children as a sedative, and assists in soothing upsets tummies. If you’re planning to plant this in your garden, make sure you put it in fertile, well-drained soil. It likes to grow in full sun or partially in the shade. 


This common leafy plant is often only considered when thinking of fresh breath and toothpaste. In fact, this humble herb has a whole host of benefits. Its main healing strength is in the treatment of digestive and gastric issues. If you have a stomach ache or feel nauseous, make some mint tea and sip it to relieve the symptoms. It can also help with irritable bowel syndrome, colonic spasms, and dyspepsia. 

The leaf of the plant improves bile flow and calms intestinal muscles. You don’t even need to dry the leaves before using them. You can pick some off the plant and steep them in hot water to sip as a hot beverage. Peppermint is an essential plant and will grow almost anywhere, but the best place is in partial shade and rich soil. It’s also a great plant to grow in outside pots.

In Summary

Without a doubt, many people believe that mother nature is still the ultimate medicine cabinet. If you’re keen on using plants to heal yourself, the three above are a great start to your garden. Cannabis heals the body of pain and soothes PTSD symptoms. For anxious thoughts in the treatment of addiction, Catnip is a plant to consider. 

Our final choice is peppermint not only for that fresh breath but also useful for any stomach related issues. Plant your medicinal garden today. It not only heals the body and mind but also creates beauty and brings tranquility to your yard.

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