Who is my client?

As you personally know, Aromatherapy can in actual fact benefit anyone and everyone. However there are certain tendencies by certain demographic groups to be more receptive to Aromatherapy.

In general women tend to be more open-minded when looking for natural and alternative therapies to Western Medicine. Men are not as open as women but that does not mean that you should ignore them completely from your marketing plan. This is especially true in the modern markets as both men and women are both looking for ways to cope with stress which are not harmful to them in the long run and which are sustainable.

As part of your business plan, spend some time conducting market research specific to your area, in order to target more distinct demographics.

Below is a list of ideas which could help you expand your thinking and formulateĀ  marketing strategy to target specific groups:

  • Mothers with young children – specifically ones with behavior or mood issues, learning disabilities e.g. ADD or ADHD, eating or sleeping issues etc
  • Executives in fast paced high stress jobs – We spend a huge amount of time at work, people need to cope and look for holistic ways of doing so, think diffusers, jewelry, inhalers
  • Students – studying and sometimes working part time can wreak havoc on mind and body, you can assist with improving concentration, helping with sleep, coping with exam stress
  • People with skin problems – if your products are topical then obviously you can assist here
  • Individuals suffering from depression or anxiety – this is a really important market for aromatherapists at the moment as it is an increasing yet often not diagnosed issue and often in men it is an embarrassing one that they are not willing to admit to. Aromatherapists can really make a difference in helping these people cope.

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