So what exactly does an aromatherapist actually do all day?

Obviously your day will depend greatly on how you structure your business and what kind of services you offer. If your business is very service driven you might spend most of your day in consultations and doing various massage therapies, if your business is more product driven then your day will be focused more on making or getting products ready for your customers.

The below list will give you more of any idea of what kind of activities your day might be made up of:


  • If you make your own oils, you’ll be collecting or purchasing herbs and flowers to be used in your essential oils
  • Extracting oils
  • Bottling oils
  • Purchasing pure essential oils online (if not blending your own)
  • Creating formulas and blends
  • Crafting various products
  • Answering email and phone inquiries from potential customers, and fulfilling online orders
  • Educating your customers and assisting them in finding the blend that meets their needs
  • Following up with clients to ensure satisfaction and to receive feedback
  • Working on your marketing strategy, and networking with others in the community
  • Attending to clients during appointments
  • Providing massage therapies.
  • Keeping up to date with any new ideas or information from the therapeutic industry
  • Some booking and general admin duties as required in any small business

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