Scent affects on Mood and Motivation

Mental and emotional illness has it beginnings obviously in the brain.

Besides physical symptoms it is also possible that it will manifest in an attitude or motivation. These subconscious attitudes are stored in the limbic system so it is possible to influence them with specific scents.

Fragrances can create a sense of well-being or discontent. For example if we are stressed or struggling with a certain situation, a new scent might help create a fresh mood or uplift our senses. It may help us change our attitude or outlook towards the matter and assist us in coping better. It won’t do the working of changing for us, but it will show us what it feels like when we are relaxed and happy and allow us to control our emotions to the extent that we can actually control our reaction to the given situation.

Essential oils do not create negative energy from their scent, obviously some people prefer certain types of scents for example some people react well to sweeter floral scent whereas others are more stimulated by a fresh scent such as lemon. 

It is highly advisable to utilize the aromatherapy benefits of natural oils when treating people suffering from ailments such as depression and anxiety. It is a non-invasive form of therapy that can be administered in small doses over a longer period of time but which would have long term healing effects.

Also often people suffering from depression or anxiety will tend to associate a fragrance with times of happiness and wellbeing, if this association is strengthened during treatment, then it is possible to boost the persons mood almost instantly with a just a whiff of the said fragrance. 

This obviously die to the fact that the memory of the fragrance is remembered as a happy one. Together with counseling and support it is possible for people with these types of ailments to control their moods with just essential oils.

One fantastic way of ensuring long term use is the wearing of Aromatherapy jewelry which enables the user to get a mild scent all day long, and if needed they can place the jewelry close to their noses for a stronger dose of the scent.

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