How to perform an Aromatherapy consultation

In this section we will focus on the process of conducting an Aromatherapy consultation and determining an individual blend.

No matter how vast your knowledge of oils and aromatherapy is, it is always important to spend some time with each client before you mix the oils. Your intuition often picks up on things that you couldn’t guess without seeing the client personally.

A consultation is designed to get as much information as possible about your client which will help you to choose the correct oils for their ailments. You focus on the physical, mental, emotional and spiritual factors of the client to give you a complete holistic picture.

Step 1: The room

Before the client arrives make sure that your room is neat and tidy, and aesthetically pleasing. Clutter tends to create an atmosphere of confusion which reflects badly on your skills. Use color and lighting to convey the right atmosphere. Flowers and plants always a make a room look that much more pleasing. Soft background music could be appropriate if it doesn’t interfere with your consultation, and don’t forget to take your phone off the hook or put it on silent.

Step 2: Prepare yourself

Center and calm yourself before seeing a client, you can also create some protecting around yourself. You cannot offer therapy to someone else if your mind is all a tangle.

This can be done through a short meditation or mantra, enveloping yourself in a white light for protection and clearing your mind. Consider the way you dress, if you feel comfortable in a uniform then make sure it is clean and fresh, some Aromatherapist like to work in tracksuit pants and t-shirts. Although this might be comfortable for you it does not always present the right image for a professional.

Step 3: Time

Decide on the length of time that each consultation should take and try and adhere to those times as much as possible. This especially true if you are busy and have client appointments back to back, no-one like to be made to wait beyond their booked time too much. If you take too long with a client then all your other appointments will be delayed.

Take this into consideration if one of your appointments includes any type of massage therapy as that tends to go overtime more often then not.

Step 4: Fees

Decide on how much you will be charging your clients and what is included. Some Aromatherapists charge per hour but included in the fee is already 1 blend of oil for an ailment, others charge only for time and then charge extra when the oil is required.

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