Essential Oil Quality

It is of utmost importance to use the highest quality Essential Oil possible, when offering aromatherapy services to clients. This being that the more natural the oil is the more benefits it will have for the person using it.

Here a few thing to look out for when looking for good quality essential oils:

  • The oils should smell like the plants it comes from, simple but true. When you inhale the oil you should feel the effects in your body, if the oil is synthetic you will feel discomfort or irritation when using the oil.
  • Oils should be clear and not cloudy, even though some oils may vary slightly in color they should still be clear.
  • They should be non-greasy and evaporate quickly.
  • They should have different pricing, you cannot expect an oil such as Rose to be the same price as Bergamot, if it is then it is more likely than not a synthetic oil or a diluted one.
  • Oils should be sold in glass bottles and the glass should be a dark brown or blue.
  • You should also take not what part of the plant the oil comes from, juniper berry oil is far superior than oil made from juniper leaves.

It will be worth your time to investigate various suppliers and ask whether their oils are Therapeutic grade or not, in many instances the oil company will actually have two grades, a cheaper one which can be considered an organic grade for basic everyday use and a therapeutic grade which is normally quite a bit more expensive but then you are assured of excellent quality.

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