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Are your employees frazzled? Overwhelmed? Feeling demotivated?

Let us hold an aromatherapy wellness workshop for your employees, teaching them the benefits and techniques of using Essential Oils to enhance their work environments. We address issues such as mental and emotional well being, as well as demonstrating practical methods for coping with stress and pressure at work.

This is not only advantageous to your employees at work, but also spills over to their home lives, and in the long run decreases work related stress, depression and illness which would result in time off work.

Benefit to your company:

  1. Employees are calmer and handle pressure better.
  2. Stress levels are lowered, ensuring better work load management and clarity of thinking.
  3. Less sick days off due to stress related illnesses such as colds and flu.
  4. Team members working better together due to tensions being lessened through environment calming.
  5. More ideas are generated when the mind is not focused on stress.
  6. A friendlier more pleasant work environment.
  7. Less conflict between employees.
  8. A unique reward for employees, which will benefit them for years to come.

What our workshops include:

  1. Employees will learn how Aromatherapy can benefit them at work and in the home.
  2. A printed manual for each employee to take and use.
  3. Oils to use during the workshop.
  4. Self massage techniques – office friendly.
  5. Personal blends and future use.
  6. Coping mechanisms involving Essential Oils.
  7. Diffusers in the work space and how to use them effetively.
  8. Health boosters.

Nitty Grittys:

  • Length of the workshop will depend on the amount of employees, but normally does not run longer than 1 -1 1/2 hours.
  • Each employee needs to fill out a form in order for us to determine if there are any health issues or allergies, so we can plan accordingly.
  • We need a seated area where preferably each employee has a desk in front of them, if this is not possible please inform us and we will change the activities for the workshop accordingly. 

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