Adulteration of Essential Oils

The official explanation of adulteration is: “The action of making something poorer in quality by the addition of another substance.”

This is exactly what you will get when unscrupulous traders try to tamper with Essential oils to make them cheaper. You will get a poor quality oil that won’t give you or your clients the same benefits as the real thing. Many clients won’t mention this to you, but if they are not getting results then won’t be coming back to your practice.

Lets explore some of the more common methods of adulteration:

  • A main chemical constituent could be added to the oil to make it “stretch”.
  • Oil from a cheaper plant may be added. For example spearmint if often added to Birch.
  • Synthetic aromatic substances may be added. This is fine if you are using the oils to make perfumes, but it’s very bad for Aromatherapy uses. It can cause all sorts of allergic reactions.
  • Some of the chemical constituents may be removed, which as you know will alter the therapeutic value of the oil. Menthol is often removed from peppermint to be used by the pharmaceutical industry. 

The more an oil is tampered with in general, the more the therapeutic benefits will change or even vanish altogether. 

Make sure to buy your oils from reputable suppliers and in this case cheaper will most likely not be better. 

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