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“Hello everyone,

And welcome to this amazing portal for perfumes, beauty and the healing power of essential oils.

My journey towards Aromatherapy & perfumery started many years ago when I was a little girl, although I didn’t realize it then. I was always extremely interested in the healing benefits of plants and flowers, as well as their beautiful scents. Studying all sorts of resources on how they can help us live a better life. However my excitement soon waned as many of the wonderfully exotic plants and herbs were just no available commercially and as a young girl I didn’t know how to find the.

But my interest never dimmed, and I kept learning. Then as life took over I found myself on more of corporate path and less on the natural one. I had children and when they got ill I realized that modern medicine was less and less effective as the years went by. I also developed asthma and struggled to control it, by chance I had already started a perfume business so it was the natural next step to including Essential Oils and Aromatherapy in the business.

I studied to become accredited and started making blends for friends, family and the odd customer. The results were astounding, more and more I received word of what a profound difference the Aromatherapy treatments were having on the daily lives of people.

It is then I decided to start Naturally Aroma with the support of my family. 

I do hope you get a wealth of knowledge from this portal, and I look forward to hearing from you about the benefits you experience personally from our products.

Yours in Perfumery & Aromatherapy.


Our Vision

We want to inspire and educate anyone that is interested in the magic of fragrance. Naturally Aroma aims to provide the highest qulity information and resources to it’s members to help them understand the world of perfumery.

Our Mission

As passionate lovers of anything to do with perfumes, we want to instil the same passion in each one of our members. We want to ensure that the knowledge we have goes around the world, while spreading the magic that aroma and the wellbeing of perfumery provides.

Features of product

What We Do

We Teach

Every month you get to learn new recipes, blends and benefits of the various fragrances. We provide resources to help you discover which fragrances blend well with others, and the emotional benefits that fragrances give to you and your clients. 

We Inspire

We experiment in our mad labs so you don’t have too. Development of new ideas and mixes is something we love to do, and then we pass this onto you so you can enjoy the benefits without the stress.


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