Weight loss with Aromatherapy

Weight loss with Aromatherapy is possible. Everyone is searching for the holy grail of weight loss. The quick fix, the instant fat melting miracle, the magic potion. Some people have spent thousands on products that claim to make them thin without any effort. Unfortunately, we hate to burst your bubble, there is no such thing. Think about it logically, if it has taken you years to put on all the weight, what makes you think it will disappear overnight?

So even though there is no magic potion, mother nature does have a trick or two. Natural essential oils can help support your weight loss journey. Have a look at some of the oils that can help you lose the weight in various ways.

Peppermint Oil

Not just for fresh breathe, peppermint oil boosts the energy levels, which will help you stay strong during workouts. It also assists in soothing sore muscles after strenuous exercise. During daily life it reduces fatigue and improves focus, but most importantly it reduces cravings. Use it in your aromatherapy jewelry or dilute it with a carrier oil and rub some on your wrists. This is a sure way to keep you on track with your diet. 

Lemon Essential Oil

Its know that breathing in the scent of lemon essential oil improves the neurological activity that promotes the breakdown of body fat. The oil also has calming and stimulating properties, working in promoting a positive mood. It can be very helpful when you are aiming towards reaching your weight loss goals. It’s such a fresh scent that you can’t help but feel energized by the scent. 

Grapefruit Essential Oil

Grapefruit oil is another amazing citrus oil that can boost your mood and energy levels. With regards to weight loss, it helps to activate the enzymes in the body that work to break down body fat. The oil affects the autonomic nerves. These regulate important body functions like heart rate and digestion. It also reduces appetite and body weight. An amazing oil and it smells wonderful.

Cinnamon Essential Oil

This powerful essential oil helps to balance blood sugar levels which in turn hepls to reduce cravings. If your blood sugar levels aren’t controlled you may find yourself overeating. This goes in hand with low energy levels that make it difficult to exercise. Using cinnamon will help reverse that. As an added benefit cinnamon oil is a great cardioprotective agent, and helps reduce the risk of heart disease. Use it in your roller balls on your pulse points or keep a bottle nearby to inhale during the day.

How to use the oils

We focus on Aromatherapy on this blog, so the methods below are purely based on inhalation of the oils. The best way is to use a weigh loss blend is through aromatherapy jewelry. In this way you inhale the magical scents of the oils throughout the day and enjoy the benefits. Even though the scent seems to disappear for you, the scent still emits the natural wonders of the oils.

Another way is to have an oil on hand to rub on your pulse points during the day. Finally a diffuser works very well in small areas such as an office or single room inside a house. The electric diffusers are wonderful in dispensing the right strength and come in many beautiful designs.

Weight loss is never an easy task, and many people give up after just a few days. If you are determined then pick a plan and stick to it. Use peppermint oil and grapefruits oils to boost your energy levels when exercising. Combine those with the lemon to break down fat, and cinnamon to help reduce cravings. With these powerful oils at hand you are sure to reach your goal weight in no time.


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